BPRG is ready to help your business create a customer focused environment. The BPRG team believes that everything revolves with the customer...customer focused-branding, -sales, -marketing and -retention. Our team collaborates with our clients to create a sound foundation, comprehensive strategy, outstanding tactical and sales support that is measurable. Ultimately the BPRG objective is to exceed our clients expectations by providing the highest possible return on their investment.

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The BPRG team collaborates with businesses to address their challenges and provide “Next Generation Solutions”. With over 70+ years of combined experience, BPRG has created a process that is sustainable, scalable and proven. The BPRG team will help you optimize your front and back office functions to create the perfect customer experience while growing your business!

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We are continually honing our skills to keep current and relevant which compliments our philosophy and Next Generation Solutions. With true dedication we strive to provide sound solutions to address our clients sales, growth, marketing and advertising challenges.


Partner / Director of Tactical Initiatives

BPRG and Furrey Marketing Owner, Bryan proudly served our country as a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1990-1998. During that time he also attended the Columbus College of Art & Design & The School of Advertising Art.

After graduating, Bryan followed his talents and became a designer/illustrator. For nearly 20 years he honed his talents at several Dayton area agencies with titles such as Creative Director, Art Director, Director of Illustrative Services and Senior Designer. Bryan is no stranger to the pressures and stress that is associated with todays timelines and expectations for superior quality deliverables.

In March of 2014 Bryan formed Furrey Marketing where his true passion is always on display. Bryan takes great pride in helping businesses create, promote and protect their brand identity by artistically representing their value to their clients. Both BPRG and Furrey Marketing have created a culture where the customer and thier needs always comes first. Bryan has a reputation for being very responsive and always delivering the highest quality products and services within budget and on schedule.

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Partner / Director of Strategic Business

After a two year enlistment in the Army, Bob acquired a unique blend of small business perspective and global enterprise insight. His career began in the late 60’s with small/local and regional company experience with start-up, sales and P&L responsibility. As a seller, manager and regional director, Bob helped drive a new business from limited sales to over 25 million in less than eight years. As V.P. of marketing for NEC America Corporate Networks Group, he was also a driving force in growing this national division of a global company.

Bob has a deep understanding of the many marketing, sales and service disciplines that are required to drive performance at critical levels of the business. Through effective coaching and hands-on execution, this extensive experience, lessons learned and contemporary insight into the performance of business can play a key role in the development and growth of your business.

Bob is a past chapter chair and active certified counselor for the Dayton Chapter of SCORE, a nationwide volunteer organization of experienced business executives

With BPRG Bob has created a Next Generation Selling/Growth Strategy that is grounded with over 45 years of management and executive level experience. Many of Bob’s experiences have been articulated in several ready-to-scale, -customize and -implement systems, processes, documents, tools and software applications.

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