Next Generation Selling Strategies for Today's Experience Loyal Consumer

Next Generation Selling Strategies for Today’s Experience Loyal Consumer This blog post provides a brief overview of the Next Generation Selling Process which is based on years of research, benchmarking, analysis, practical application, collaboration with hundreds of successful sellers and sales managers along with successful personal, front-line sales and sales management experience.

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Next Generation Business Performance Strategies

This posting focuses on "Front-office" business performance perspectives and strategies which include traditional marketing, sales, service and other external, market and other customer focused front-line job functions integrated into a cohesive business performance team. In today's volatile business environments, front-office departments (Functional business units/FBU) must have a "top-line focus on incremental gains in customer acquisition and retention, sales, revenue, profit and market share while working together to deliver customer value in all phases of their life cycle experience. Today there are two basic organizational and planning cultures prevalent today.

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Driving Business Performance Through Customer Lifecycle Experiences

Today's experience driven consumer is typically no longer product, brand or even relationship loyal, they are loyal to the most positive lifecycle buying experience. Outlined here are the five phases of this lifecycle experience and the generic buying and universal selling process embedded into phase 3, Qualified Buyer. This lifecycle and selling process applies to businesses engaged in both business to business and business to consumer sales of company offerings (products, services or experiences).

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